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by Mark Suan
The Sensory Corner

DIY Quarantine Obstacle Courses with Guest OT, Andrea Doumar (@ot_room)


On today's episode of The Sensory Corner, we'll be speaking with Occupational Therapist, Andrea Doumar (ot_room) about how can create a makeshift obstacle course in your home. Especially nowadays with the quarantine, with children being cooped up, with increased screen time, physical activity  while of utmost importance. Yet getting that physical activity in an engaging way has proved several parents not only in our community but in general several problems and issues.

We're not going to go into a talk about how your child needs physical activity and how it's healthy for them - I hope we all are on the same page on the fact physical activity is a non-negotiable for good health. But more so, Andrea will be talking about the benefits from a Child Development standpoint, how crucial certain types of Gross Motor Movement can have on a child's progress to hitting various developmental milestones. More so, because parents everywhere have been forced to be their own teachers and OT's in a sense, we'll be giving  easy tips on how to create your own obstacle course at home!


Episode 6

Season 1

by Mark Suan