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by Mark Suan
The Sensory Corner

Mealtime Strategies for Sensory Picky Eaters with Guest OT, Candace Peterson


On today's podcast of the Sensory Corner, we'll be speaking to guest Occupational Therapist, Candace Peterson, based out of Detroit, Michigan and the founder of Nurture OT. For all the parents tuning in, you know if your child has Sensory Issues or Special Needs, they may be a picky eater. Not all, children will be, however picky eating is a common occurrence and can make mealtime an extremely stressful experience.

On today's episode we'll be deep diving into why your child may be a picky eater, and talking about tons of strategies you can implement at home to increase your child's diet repertoire. For parents we know that there are several consequences with a limited diet, ranging from lack of nutrients and fiber,  low energy, and even poor muscle oral motor development. The list is endless and we believe this Podcast is super important!

For any parents interested in supporting your Picky Eater, Candace is hosting a class session to guide parents with sensory picky eaters throughout their feeding journeys. For more information message Candace at @Nurture_ot to secure a seat. Spots are limited to keep class sizes low!


Episode 4

Season 1

by Mark Suan