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by Mark Suan
The Sensory Corner

Mental Health in Neurodiverse Children - Mental Health Red Flags with Guest Occupational Therapist, Emily Deller


On today's podcast of the Sensory Corner, we'll be speaking to guest Occupational Therapist, Emily Deller ( @emilymarie_ot ), an Intervention Occupational Therapist will going into the topic of Mental Health. yes, you got it, anxiety, stress, the whole 9 yards and how it impacts Neurodiverse children!

⁠Look when it comes to Anxiety & Stress especially, in the community, I've realized we skirt around the conversation or briefly mention it. However, mental health is a such a universal topic and is something which will and does impact every single individual⁠. It can tasking, draining and exhausting. So imagine being a child of whom doesn't have the sensory processes in place to truly asses and experience the situation around them. And also the fact children lack the experience and executive functioning to truly cope and deal with mental health - it truly does shed light on the importance of this conversation!

In today's podcast Emily will discussing what are the mental health (anxiety & stress) red flags which may arise in your child in the wake of sensory issues. But more so how exactly do we address and support children pushing through mental health struggles as well.⁠

If you liked today's Podcast, feel free to shoot us a message or Emily Deller via her Instagram @emilymarie_ot!


Episode 9

Season 1

by Mark Suan