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by Mark Suan
The Sensory Corner

SEASON FINALE - Open Ended Play = Unlimited Benefits with OT Alvin & OT Ivana from @sensational.connections


On today's FINALE EPISODE podcast of the Sensory Corner, we'll be speaking to guest Occupational Therapists OT Alvin (@ot.outside.the.box) & OT Ivana (@ot.amigos) on the topic of Open Ended PLay and why you should be integrating it into your child's everyday routine.

Look Open Ended Play is widely talked about topic, on Parent forums and Pinterest Blogs, however no one ever truly dives deep into what are it's benefits and how exactly do you organize it for your child, either at home or in practice! 

PLay in general while so simple, is actually believe it or not, a hard thing to coordinate with your child. It's so important as it is their main occupation to truly grow and develop. However in today's day and age, especially with COVID, I'm sure you have exhausted your stock piles of toys and saved Pinterest Post Ideas for at home activities.

Alvin and Ivana, will be teaching you guys how to repurpose household items and normal objects for open ended play, what are the benefits behind it, and if you don't have enough time, how you can use their newest Sensory Box Line Up for Open Ended Play!

Senso Minds will be partnering with Sensational Connections - so for a limited time every sensory box order will come with a free Chew Necklace Pack - you can get 10% off too by using the code "SENSO10"! Buy your sensory box here at https://sensationalconnections.com/


Episode 10

Season 1

by Mark Suan