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by Mark Suan
The Sensory Corner

The Occupational Parenting Balance with Guest OT, Rebecca Burgess (@beckyb.ot)


On today's episode of The Sensory Corner, we'll be speaking with Occupational Therapist, Rebecca Burgess (@beckyb.ot). She'll be going over what exactly is an Occupational Balance for parents. Occupations aren't just unique to children - they apply to all individuals such that they can push through their lives. However as parents, especially those with Sensory or Special Needs Parents, they often time forget about these occupations for themselves.

Figuring out how to find that balance and truly live one's life while still being an active parent is an art form. Becky will be helping us with this and will give her expertise as OT, providing key strategies and tips on how to maintain that balance of being. a Sensory Parent and Sensory driven human!

Take notes, message us and Rebecca with your questions and/or comments, leave us a review on iTunes, and enjoy!


Episode 5

Season 1

by Mark Suan