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The Sink: A Sleep Aid

Session Six: When We Don’t Come Back


Thank you for completing Sink treatment. You’ve done so well. We highly recommend listening to this and all the episodes from the beginning and on headphones or a good set of speakers. The Sink is written by Natasha Hodgson. It is produced by Andy Goddard. It stars Alice Lowe, Jason Forbes, Celeste Dring, David Elms and Natasha Hodgson. The music is written by David Cumming. The script editor was Gareth Gwynn. It is a BBC Studios Production. About the team: Andy Goddard is a podcast producer and sound designer responsible for many hit podcasts & radio programs including Wooden Overcoats, Armstrong and Miller: Time Ghost and A very John Kearns Christmas. Natasha Hodgson is an award-winning writer, actor and comedian and singer. Her TV writing credits include the BAFTA award-winning Amazing World Of Gumball and Bravest Warriors, created by Adventuretime’s Pendelton Ward. Her other performance credits include appearances on Newsjack Unplugged, Tom Neenan is Not All Men, Tech Tech Boom and Front Row on BBC Radio 4 and The Beef and Dairy Network podcast. She has also written and starred an award winning musical in Operation Mincemeat and is a founding member of award winning comedy theatre company Kill the Beast.



by BBC Radio