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Brandon & Serene: Losing Family and Finding Each Other

The Squeeze
The Squeeze
Like the rest of America, Tay and Taylor instantly feel in love with Paradise couple Brandon and Serene, and knew they needed to have them on the podcast. This week, they join the Lautners to discuss their mental health before and during filming. Brandon talks about his experience hiring for travel nurse recruiting during COVID, and the toll that took on his mental health. He also opens up about losing a very close friend and his grandfather. While he acknowledges that society encourages men to push down and cover up their feelings, he and the Lautners are here to change that narrative. Serene opens up about the loss of her grandma, aunt, and cousin, and why her 1 on 1 date in Galveston brought up so many emotions. Brandon and Serene also touch on the pressure they feel to stay together and what they do when life hands them lemons … which may be different than you think!
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