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The Squeeze

Tay Lautner: Getting to "The Squeeze"

The Squeeze
The Squeeze
TW: drug addiction, bipolar disorder, suicide, medical trauma, death 
Welcome to the first episode of The Squeeze! Actor Taylor Lautner introduces and interviews his wife, registered nurse Tay Lautner, as the two discuss her mental health journey, career as a nurse in the thick of the pandemic, and why she wanted to start this podcast. They also discuss the genesis of the Lemons by Tay blog and The Lemons Foundation, her nonprofit organization with the same mission as this podcast: to build a community that supports and encourages those struggling with their mental health, and provide a place to share resources along the way. The two then introduce a recurring segment of the show, The Lemon 11: eleven great questions that will facilitate inspiring, intentional conversation. When life gives you lemons, what do you do with them? Over here at The Squeeze—we talk about it. Thanks for squeezin’ us in! 
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The Squeeze
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