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by Shama Saleh and Ummulkheir Mohammed
The Storied Mind Podcast

Disrupting Academia with Professor Christopher Taylor


We hope that you are all doing as well as you can during these difficult times. It is amazing to see human beings join forces around the world to stand against the injustices that have been happening to Black people everywhere. As we gather as one human race to eradicate racism, it’s important to remember to create and uphold spaces for Black, Indigenous, and POC to feel the fullness of their humanity.

Join us in welcoming Professor Christopher Taylor, who currently teaches at the University of Waterloo in the Department of History and the Arts First program. He’s had his fair share of working in the government in various roles, including being a Senior Policy Advisor at Ontario’s Anti-Racism Directorate. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing institutional racism and how he navigates his world both in Academia and the wider world.


Episode 8

by Shama Saleh and Ummulkheir Mohammed