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A diary of war: Three months in Gaza

The Story
The Story

Palestinian journalist Amal Helles has been reporting for The Times and The Sunday Times from Gaza since the Hamas attacks on Israel, and the beginning of the conflict in October. Foreign journalists aren't allowed unaccompanied into the territory, where she lives with her husband and two small children. So we’ve been talking to her via WhatsApp voice notes about life amid food shortages, bombing and evacuation.

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Guest: Amal Helles, journalist, The Times and The Sunday Times.

Host: Olivia Case.

Clips: France 24, Inside Edition, BBC, WSL, NBC, The Guardian, ABC, Al Jazeera, CBS, CTV, TRT World, ABC, WION, 13News Now, 13WMAZ, Channel 4, AP, PBS, The National, Reuters, DW News, Middle East Eye, Democracy Now, MSNBC.

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