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The Stronger By Science Podcast

Cardio for Health and Weight Management

The Stronger By Science Podcast
The Stronger By Science Podcast

In today’s episode, Eric takes a comprehensive look at how physical activity and cardiovascular exercise can impact general health and weight management. Specific topics of discussion include non-exercise physical activity, exercise snacks, step counts, appetite, exercise energy compensation, interval versus steady-state cardio, the interference effect, and practical ways to incorporate non-exercise physical activity or structured cardio into your daily or weekly schedule.


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Intro/Announcements (0:00)

Taxonomy of physical activity (4:45)

Benefits of physical activity (12:33)

Exercise snacks (13:54)

Step counts (20:21)

General physical activity guidelines (25:38)

Benefits of exercise for fat loss (33:58)

Why exercise causes less fat loss than you’d expect (43:01)

Exercise energy compensation and the constrained total energy expenditure model (49:08)

Factors impacting energy compensation (55:26)

Exercise Calorie Calculator:

High-intensity interval training versus low-intensity steady-state training (1:06:48)

Concurrent training and the interference effect (1:13:35)

Best practices for concurrent training (1:21:34)

Basic guidelines for intensity and duration (per session of cardio) (1:25:38)

Summary and conclusions (1:30:06)



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The Stronger By Science Podcast
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