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The Stronger By Science Podcast

Extreme Volumes, Extreme Gains? (Part 1)

The Stronger By Science Podcast
The Stronger By Science Podcast

In this episode, the SBS team begins their deep dive into the data around really high training volumes and hypertrophy, going over the history of training volume practices and research while also taking an in-depth look at the latest high volume study by Enes et al.

Most of the research discussed in this episode can be found here:

Note: The full list of sources and notes can be found on the episode page on strongerbyscience.com/podcast-episode-127


00:00:00 - Intro

00:20:18 - Historical context: High Volume vs. High Intensity

00:48:53 - An overview of the volume research

01:14:11 - The recent study by Enes & Colleagues

01:39:15 - Interpretations of Study, Context Dependency, Applications and Criticism

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The Stronger By Science Podcast
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