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301 - Aidan Hart - Transfiguration: The End of Symbolism

The Symbolic World
The Symbolic World
This is a discussion from the Princeton Scala Foundation conference that took place in April 2023 with the title, “The Transfiguration: Glory and Grace in the World”. I sat down with Margarita Mooney Clayton and iconographer and author Aidan Hart to discuss the Transfiguration of Christ, how God's glory fills the world, and that the ultimate goal of the spiritual life is encountering God face to face.
Original YouTube version of this episode: https://youtu.be/J3u9jWeA6BM

- A previous discussion I had with Aidan Hart - The Dance between Sacred and Secular: https://youtu.be/hzQkolwWkwE
- My talk at the conference - The Role of Art in Identity: https://youtu.be/mfDm4VefkJg
- Aidan Hart’s talk - Liturgical Art as Prophecy and Priesthood: https://youtu.be/07KxzJABskY
- Playlist of all the talks at the event: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRZHnw30gpFeBFtZE-wsj5or0BdQtIMjh
- Scala Foundation website: https://scalafoundation.org/
- Aidan Hart's icons and books: https://aidanharticons.com/

00:00:00 - Preview
00:00:45 - Intro music
00:01:10 - Introduction
00:01:58 - The value of images
00:03:08 - Principles of liturgical art
00:04:25 - The Nous
00:05:57 - How do I know this isn't just imagination?
00:07:32 - The Transfiguration and Light
00:10:04 - The culmination of symbolism
00:12:38 - Poetry and Typology
00:13:46 - Clothes of glory / The Feast of Tabernacles
00:16:17 - Anti-Symbolism
00:17:09 - The point of symbols
00:19:31 - Word/logoi
00:21:48 - The basic elements of the Transfiguration icon
00:24:27 - What are Moses and Elijah doing there?
00:26:04 - Peter, James, and John
00:27:29 - The sandal falling off
00:30:03 - The person and the divinity of Christ
00:32:26 - Divine Darkness
00:35:12 - His garment is transfigured
00:44:37 - The tension between extremes
00:51:41 - Scala

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My intro was arranged and recorded by Matthew Wilkinson.
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