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The Terri Cole Show

Getting What You Want In Life - For the "Manifesting" Skeptic

The Terri Cole Show
The Terri Cole Show

Does the word “manifest” sound like magical thinking to you?

Or does it remind you of the movie, The Secret, where all you need to do is think about something, and *poof,* it appears right in front of you?

Or perhaps “visualizing” what you want has never made sense to you in the first place.

I get it. Even though I teach people how to get what they want in life, I stay away from the word “manifesting” because I feel like it has been used and abused.

If you feel the same and want to know how to take real steps toward getting what you want in life, with real results, this episode is for you. Inside, you’ll find a simple three-step process for going after and getting what you want in life.

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