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by Tushaar Anand Madhu
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The Real Talk about Relationships w/ Dennis R. Sumlin


#21. The Real Talk about Relationships w/ Dennis R. Sumlin

Hey Hey!

This is the second episode with Dennis! In this, we talk about the ‘real talk about relationships’.

One thing to keep in mind and think about, is that we have relationships not just with others, but with ourselves too!

In fact the relationships with ourselves are most important of them all, because we are always 100% with ourselves.

Hear Dennis and his awesome suggestions to cruise through the storm of murky relations with the self and others.

In case you didn’t hear the previous episode you can hear it here, it talks about some general life advises for teenagers to flourish during their teenage years.

Also a special feature of the episode is that we are very open about the conversation of sex, porn, masturbation and all such other topics and concepts. It’s a safe space which has been created for all the right reasons, and I wish for the you, the listener to make the most of the podcast.

I hope you enjoy the episode!


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Episode 21

by Tushaar Anand Madhu