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Katherine Rose Morley


Can you believe it’s been 5 weeks? Crikey. 

Well, we know the days and weeks have been quite blurred of late for us all.  
But hey, guess what? 
We. Are. Back. 
Back to fill your podcast void with the best and most honest conversations that will hopefully make you think, fill you with some joy or even just be some vocal company for you for a small part of your day and, man oh man, it’s good to be back.  

We’re thrilled to welcome to TSP the brilliant and effervescent KATHERINE ROSE MORLEY.  
You’ll know Katherine from such televisual gems such as LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX but she’s about to burst onto our screens again in the new series of THE SYNDICATE and a certain past TSP fav guest is also starring alongside Katherine. Oh, it’s only ‘TV’s Neil Morrisey isn’t it?  Double the joy! 
Craig and Katherine sit down (albeit in separate houses) and talk Liverpool, growing up, the importance of family, big cities and so much more. We hope you enjoy.  
Katherine is a complete tonic and we’re sure it’ll bring some sunshine to your day. Let’s face it, we’ll all need to grab those small pleasures.  
Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.

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