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Matt Forde (Part 2)


Happy Thursday everyone (delete) 

*clears throat

Happy FRIDAY everyone!  

Hope you’re all doing ok?   

Do you know what I can’t wait for?  Is to not say things like ‘ strange times, eh’ or ‘hope you’re all coping and getting through this the best you can’. Yeah, sick of that.   When I’m actually just asking how your week was will be a joyous moment.  Trust me, it’ll happen.  Keep the faith you beautiful mob.  

For now, though, let’s keep the conversation going as it seems to be a comfort for us all doesn’t it?   

We have another revisit this week in the shape of comedian & now fully legit author of an actual proper book, it’s the brilliant MATT FORDE...

We sit down and discuss the pitfalls and parallels between writing stand up and the discipline needed to fit Matt to write his first book during such an unstable and unpleasant time.  

His book, ‘Politically Homeless’ is available right now and it’s a beaut. Go support Matt and also your independent bookshop.  

Keep safe. Keep well. Keep wearing that mask.  

All the love.

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by Two Shot Pod