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Happy Thursday to you. Well, c'mon, we have to try and be a little bit positive don’t we? If you’re in the UK, we hope you’re enjoying the crisper, sunnier days. It’s really helping with everything isn’t it?
This week we head over to Liverpool (albeit remotely) to have a sit down with storyteller ‘Roy’. To give you some context to our conversation, ‘Roy’ very kindly reads an excerpt from his recently published book of short stories, ‘Algorithm Party’ ( available to buy on Rough Trade) It’s a fascinating discussion where Craig and ‘Roy’ discuss growing up on the same street for years, acceptance, grief, addiction, recovery, creativity and so much more. Just to warn you, this episode touches on certain sensitive subjects such as suicide, addiction and contains very strong language.  It is however, a discussion full of hope and ultimately, positivity and we think you’re going to be gripped.  
Also, on a side note, you may have heard but from 21st March Craig will be hosting the official Line Of Duty podcast over on BBC SOUNDS so go get subscribed if that’s your thing.
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