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by Van Jackson
The Un-Diplomatic Podcast

Deterrence by Capable Dildos, the Hawaiian Land Grab, China Hawkery, North Korean Defectors | Ep. 85


Why American strategic culture is so obsessed with "capable dildos." Why native Hawaiians don't want federal recognition to whitewash an illegal land grab. What it means to declare oneself a "China hawk" and why it matters. Why North Korean defectors want to go back to North Korea. Also this episode: Is the US-China rivalry an ideological conflict?

Branco Milanovic Tweet: https://twitter.com/BrankoMilan/status/1368219420645093379

Vipin Narang Tweet: https://twitter.com/NarangVipin/status/1367656750032302081?s=20

Happymon Jacob Tweet: https://twitter.com/HappymonJacob/status/1367091311338135556?s=19

Daily NK Story: https://www.dailynk.com/english/not-all-defectors-want-the-same-thing/

Contributors: Jake Dellow, Gaby Magnuson, Ciara Mitchell, and Pete McKenzie


Episode 86

by Van Jackson