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by Van Jackson
The Un-Diplomatic Podcast

Taiwan Domino Theory Silliness, Think Tank Disinformation, Japan's Liberal International Order | Ep. 84


What happens when think tankers become tankies. Alliance domino theory nonsense--why Taiwan is not like the others. Why Japan's the real leader of Asia's liberal order. The US doesn't need Saudi Arabia.

James Palmer Tweet: https://twitter.com/BeijingPalmer/status/1365381504629669891

Mike McFaul Tweet: https://twitter.com/McFaul/status/1365424739196362752?s=19

Michael Kofman Tweet: https://twitter.com/KofmanMichael/status/1364021794513047552?s=19

Cheng Che on Japan's Liberal Foreign Policy Realism: https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/united-states/2021-02-24/japan-new-leader-asias-liberal-order

Contributors: Alex Auty, Jake Dellow, Gaby Magnuson, Pete McKenzie


Episode 85

by Van Jackson