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by The Unapologetic Podcast
The Unapologetic Podcast

Ramadan Series II - Doubts & Desires


Ramadan Mubarak to you all! Alhamdulillah, our Ramadan Series is back and we have yet another chance to reflect on the verses of the Quran drawing lessons from different chapters. In this episode, we discuss the concept of God, belief in general and overcoming desires. Al-A'raf: 172 Luqman: 25 Al-'Ankabut: 65 At-Tur: 35-36 Ali 'Imran: 190-191 TaHa: 114 "My Lord, increase me in knowledge." (TaHa: 114) • Follow us on Twitter: @_beunapologetic • Leave feedback/questions/comments at: curiouscat.me/_beunapologetic



by The Unapologetic Podcast