The Unbounded Podcast: Mindset and Manifestation

Building Self Trust, Releasing Resistance, and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Neuroscience Graduate Student Uma


In this episode of the Unbounded Podcast, I interviewed Uma, a neuroscience graduate student, dedicated to studying the power of our brains through her research in neuroplasticity and nervous system regulation. As a survivor of metastatic thyroid cancer, autoimmune diseases, and mental illness, Uma serves as an empowering advocate for healing through her work as a peer support facilitator, speaker, writer, and legislative advocate.

We discussed:

- Building self trust

- The difference between resistance & dissonance (when something isn't in alignment for you)

- Overcoming limiting beliefs & generational stories 

- The importance of following your intuition on your healing/personal development journey

- Neuroscience behind changing your beliefs

You can find Uma here: 


Episode 12

Season 1

by Liz