The Unbounded Podcast: Mindset and Manifestation

How to overcome judgement and show up as your authentic self in your business with Alyssa Bishop


In this episode of The Unbounded Podcast, I interviewed Alyssa Bishop, a wife, new mom, and full time family therapist who and has a health and wellness business. She also has a new photography business in hopes to give back more to human rights and mental health organizations. Her mission is to help others: manifest their dreams into reality, unapologetically be themselves without hesitation, and live the life they’ve always wanted! Alyssa’s biggest passion in life is helping others and hopes to have her own non-profit one day to serve adolescent females that live with mental health illnesses.

If you run your own business or are in a network marketing or considering becoming an entrepreneur you’re not going to want to miss this episode. We chatted all about the importance of being your authentic self in your biz, letting go of worrying about what other people will think when you follow your passions, and how to manage a side hustle when you have a full time job.

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Episode 8

Season 1

by Liz