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Ask Nick - The Grim Reaper of Dating

The Viall Files
The Viall Files

Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re back to answer your burning questions about the world of dating and relationships. Before getting to our callers, we discuss what it means to be a “best friend” in your relationship, and if a romantic partner can ever be the same as a platonic bestie. We then get our latest Breakup Song of the Week submission. Our first caller wonders if she’s a fuckboy, because the guy she’s been seeing wants more commitment than she does. We dive deep if she doesn’t want a relationship right now, or if he just isn’t the right one for her. Our next caller has a very complicated issue, centering around the fact that his ex and his girlfriend’s ex are now dating each other… both parties have children, so the families are constantly involved with one another. Our final caller is worried that she’s scaring off guys by asking for too much too soon. We discuss the timing of her conversations with potential partners, and how they probably shouldn’t be happening in the bedroom.

“So you had this conversation with him when you were half naked?”

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