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Bachelor Recap with Julia Cunningham

The Viall Files
The Viall Files

Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Bachelor Recap Edition! We’re back with radio host Julia Cunningham to discuss the fourth episode of Zach’s season. We start out by covering the week’s Bachelor Tea, including how Nick rattled cages with last week’s episode, rumors that Christina flirted with the other women on night one, and Michelle’s comments on Clayton and Nayte. We then dive into this week’s episode and discuss Katherine’s 1:1 date in the Bahamas, the drama between Kylie and Anastasia on their group date, and Brooklyn’s ATV jungle date. Who is a front runner, who could be a dark horse, and who will be going home? And we discuss what drama could unfold based on the ominous trailer for next week.

“Zach’s fiancée is going to be pissed watching him suck face with Ariel.”

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