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Raven Ross Tells All

The Viall Files
The Viall Files

Welcome back to The Viall Files: Going Deeper Edition! Today we are joined by Love is Blind’s Raven Ross to get the truth about her relationship with SK and address all the questions and drama surrounding their rekindling, second proposal, cheating allegations, and break up. What didn’t we get to see between their season, the reunion, and after the altar? We dive into what details Raven knew and what she found out on the internet, if she’s been in contact with SK’s exes, and the last time she spoke with SK. We then have a special Ask Nick caller who gets Nick’s advice on being invited to a couple’s trip having just found out her best friend is cheating on her boyfriend. We wrap up with Raven and ask about early red flags with SK, and any parts of the relationship that she’s still processing. Finally, we have a bonus Texting Office Hours call with Raven about setting boundaries and communicating expectations early on in relationships.

“You’re kind of being stalked. She’s obsessed with you as well.”

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