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Ayu Adiati - Working through burnout as a self-taught developer


In this episode, Dan and Bekah talk to Ayu about the impact of community, being a prolific blogger, and the very real challenge of burnout. Ayu's openness about the challenges of being a mom on the self-taught track into tech, isolation, and fears of not being good enough are the stories that we don't share enough of. Because when we share, we can all work through them together. Thank you, Ayu, for reminding us that it's ok to not be ok.

About Ayu Adiati

Originally from Indonesia and now based in The Netherlands, Ayu Adiati is a self-taught Frontend Developer & Technical Blogger. She’s on her way to break into tech from being a stay-at-home-mom of now a 4 years old daughter.

When Ayu is not coding, you can find her with the DLSR camera on her hands, cuddling with her daughter, or enjoying her iced macchiato latte.

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