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Colin Cowherd Podcast - Jake Paul on Woodley Game Plan, Potential McGregor Matchup, Fighting Logan


Colin gives his quick take on Jameis Winston's sharp preseason performance and the struggles that await Trevor Lawrence. Then, YouTuber and professional boxer Jake Paul joins Colin ahead of his fight with UFC star Tyron Woodley to discuss the moment he first decided he wanted to become a professional boxer (9:00), the challenges of training for boxing matches (11:00), the unique experience of entering the ring for the first time (13:00), his gameplan for fighting Tyron Woodley (15:00), why Conor McGregor has "lost touch with the game" (16:00), why boxing is "a business disguised as a sport" (18:00), the UFC star blowing a golden opportunity (22:00), how his brother Logan Paul prepared him to be a fighter (24:00), why Floyd Mayweather has been bad for boxing (26:00), the strategic mistake that Woodley just made (33:00), how Jake trains leading up to fights (35:00), and how he'd answer the uncomfortable question about whether he'd fight his brother (38:00).
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