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Colin Cowherd Podcast - Jimmy G/Trey Lance Problems, Tyler Dunne on Bears Dysfunction and Rodgers' Bad Blood


Colin talks about why the shaky preseason performances by Jimmy G and Trey Lance put the 49ers in a tough position (1:00). He also talks about his trip to WWE SummerSlam and his change of heart on wrestling fans. Then Tyler Dunne - founder of the Go Long newsletter - and Colin discuss why Zach Wilson's atypical style may work to his benefit (9:00), the Aaron Rodgers comment that still bothers Colin (12:00), why the Packers can't overcome the bad blood with their star QB (18:00), what Aaron Rodgers does to manipulate the media (22:00), why it's hard to live in Green Bay (30:00), what to make of the strange messages that Rodgers' camp has been sending out (36:00), and why Matt Nagy deserves blame for the Bears problems.
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