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Colin Cowherd Podcast - Kirk Herbstreit on Justin Fields Draft Slide, Mega Conference Concerns, Michigan Decline, NIL Overreaction,


Colin explains why Bill Belichick appears to be fed up with Cam Newton (2:00). Then ESPN lead college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit and Colin discuss his new book why Justin Fields didn't get the starting job at Georgia (6:00), why Kirk pushed back against Fields pre-draft critics (12:00), whether Ohio State should break away from the Big Ten (16:00), why Kirk says college football has "five Roger Goodells" (18:00), why the Pac-12 has lost respect (25:00), if the expectations have been too high for Jim Harbaugh (29:00), the Jerry Seinfeld routine that Colin applies to today's college football landscape (37:00), why the outrage over the NIL rules is a major overreaction (42:00), and which teams could be the biggest surprises in CFB (48:00).
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