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The WAN Show

YouTube Will Remove Your Comments And So Will I - WAN Show December 16, 2022

The WAN Show
The WAN Show

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change:

0:00 Chapters

1:24 Intro

1:51 Topic #1 - YouTube to deal with bots & comment spam

2:21 Linus reasons why he does not look at YT chat

3:16 YouTube bot moderators issue timeouts & warnings

4:35 Discussing the history of YouTube monetization

5:14 Discussing ads, privateering, & Linus's ADHD experience

24:11 LMG's experience with comment spam, discussing timeout

26:33 ChatGPT & bots, policies affect quality of comment conversations

30:29 Linus is tired of comments with bad takes & misinterpretation

35:06 Exploring solutions for responding to misled comments

37:16 Pixel count V.S. pixels per inch, elaborating on the difference

40:47 Optical & image resolution, discussing cameras & printing

42:26 Topic #2 - TikTok experiments with horizontal videos

44:29 Why upload LMG content on TikTok, discussing the platform's stability

46:25 YouTube's services, mentioning audience interactions, shorts & stories

52:32 TikTok has more average watch time than YouTube

53:34 Discussing LTTStore products & ideas

54:39 Shorty version of the screwdrivers

55:20 LMG hiring electronics engineers, product examples

57:38 RGB doormat, battery tester, tissue box "for the haters"

1:00:17 Creator Warehouse to debut products in CES

1:01:15 Topic #3 - Linus receives Ludwig's bidet, recalls trip to Japan

1:03:26 Merch Messages #1

1:13:48 Sponsors

1:18:10 Topic #4 - The last seven days in Twitter #3

1:18:46 ElonJet suspended, banning accounts interacted with ElonJet

1:21:36 Elon tweets about stalker, shows car's license plate

1:22:55 JerryRigEverything blocked by Elon after calling him out

1:23:43 Leaks of Elon encouraging investors after himself dumping stocks

1:24:25 Mastodon's Twitter banned, Linus lowers time spent on Twitter

1:26:29 Claims of users peaking again, discussing Twitter's stability

1:27:55 Twitter Spaces turned off, Linus on the impact of negative attention

1:30:34 Synchronized drinking, Elon Jet information is public

1:33:08 Linus & Luke discuss social platforms

1:35:05 Topic #5 - Europe forces Apple to allow sideloading

1:37:09 Topic #6 - Epic Stores shuts down games, removal of games on stores

1:43:38 Topic #7 - y-cruncher hardwarebot removed LMG's record

1:44:48 Topic #8 - Reacting to Linus dropping things 2022 edition

1:46:57 Linus's stance on using & remixing LMG content

1:48:11 Topic #9 - Linus suggests banning apps with limited copy-paste

1:52:40 Topic #10 - Dell's Project Luna disassembles in 30 seconds

1:53:41 Sustainability, QR codes, laptop has no cables or screws

1:55:18 Linus on his & Luke's humor

1:55:49 How does Linus feel about his investment in Framework?

1:57:28 Linus on NAS software & stupid difficulty

1:59:54 Merch Messages #2

2:18:32 Topic #11 - BYOC ticket pricing for LTX 2023

2:19:11 Orca, Shark & Dolphin package designs

2:12:02 Topic #12 - Floatplane exclusives on LMG Clips for 48 hours

2:20:52 Merch Messages #3

2:24:22 How is the stream distributed?

2:29:22 Outro

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