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by Marilyn Rose
The Wealthy Women Podcast

Don’t Quit! Three Must-Have’s in Your Business To Keep You Going


Are you feeling the March blues yet? After winter months and getting couped up at home, this is a very common feeling. It can make you want to just quit your business and abandon your goals. But here’s something that you can do about this feeling - DON’T QUIT!

In this podcast, I will share three great tips on how you can keep going in your business. I am also excited to share some new things you can look forward to in the Wealthy Women podcast. So before you throw in the towel and give in to the March blues, listen to this episode and make sure you do these three tips! I can’t wait for you to share how these tips changed your mindset and help you not quit your business and journey to your wealth.

Today, we will talk about...

✨ What inspired me to create this episode. 

✨ Must-Have #1: Create a vivid vision, not a vision board.

✨ Must-Have #2: Change your habits!

✨ My special March announcement (make sure to watch out for it)!

✨ My invitation for you to answer my usual question: What does wealth mean for you?

✨ Must-Have #3: Keep going, and surround yourself with positive people and an amazing mentor or coach.

🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!

My Book Recommendations and Resources:

 📚 Vivid Vision: A Remarkable Tool For Aligning Your Business Around a Shared Vision of the Future by Cameron Harold https://www.amazon.com/Vivid-Vision-Remarkable-Aligning-Business/dp/161961877X 

📚 High-Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way by Brendon Burchard https://www.amazon.com/High-Performance-Habits-Extraordinary-People/dp/1401952852 

📚 Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear https://www.amazon.com/Atomic-Habits-Proven-Build-Break/dp/0735211299 

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Episode 27

Season 3

by Marilyn Rose