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by Marilyn Rose
The Wealthy Women Podcast

Fun and Creative Ways to Grow Your Brand in Instagram with Jillian Leigh


Do you use Instagram to create engagement and build relationships with your potential clients? What are the best and creative strategies you can use in a pretty saturated market like Instagram?

Jillian Leigh shares her entrepreneurship, marketing, and Instagram wisdom. Jillian helps entrepreneurs build a personal brand, attract dream clients + monetize their passion with clarity and ease. I met Jillian in Clubhouse, and she instantly sparked my interest when I learned about her journey and how she grew her online presence organically. 

Jillian will get to share:

💖 How she shifted from corporate to entrepreneurship, and her branding story.

💖 How she grew her Instagram account.

💖 Her lessons she learned from growing her Instagram.

💖 What was her beautiful childhood story and discovering her why.

💖 How and what to share in your stories.

💖 Her Instagram hacks and content tips.

💖 How she taps into her creative side.

💖 What she is creatively working on now.

🎧 Thanks for listening and see you at the next one!

Connect with Jillian!

➡️ IG: @jillianleigh.ig

➡️ Clubhouse: @jillianleigh 

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Episode 24

Season 3

by Marilyn Rose