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by Marilyn Rose
The Wealthy Women Podcast

Three Life Lessons My Mom Taught Me


Our parents are our first teachers in life - and in my case, it was my mom who taught me so many things that helped me get through life and business. This episode is so close to my heart, because I am going to talk about three life lessons that my mother helped me understand.

Today, I want to share:

✨ My story growing up and how my mom raised me.

✨ A story that reflects how we embraced the abundance of life regardless of the materials we possessed.

✨ Lesson #1: Just always have enough.

✨ Lesson #2: Keep learning.

✨ Lesson #3: Navigate your own path.

🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!

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Episode 25

Season 3

by Marilyn Rose