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by thehairhealer
The Weekly Awakening Podcast

Marina Chupac @thehippielawyer EP 81


On The Weekly Awakening this week, I sit with Marina Chupac @thehippielawyer to talk about how she Co-developed a criminal defense Law Firm that also doubles as a healing space for her clients. Marina also brings an important message about how not all spiritual awakenings have to begin from a rock bottom or dark place.
Marina Chupac is a partner at her criminal defense law firm, Zupac Law from metro Detroit, Michigan. She has a wellness studio located in the basement of her law office, Zupac Life. She hosts a variety of events centered around healthy and balanced living- including yoga, sound healing, family dinners, and more. She is multi-faceted soul and space holder for the humans in her community seeking support in transforming their lives. Find her on facebook and instagram: @thehippielawyer, @zupaclaw, and @zupaclife to learn more!


Episode 81

by thehairhealer