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The Weekly Defence Podcast

European defence innovation, global arms sales data and Middle East air/sea latest


In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, we explore the main themes from the European Defence Agency innovation conference; we discuss the latest global arms sales data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute; and we shine a light on Middle Eastern air force procurement and naval shipbuilding.

In the second part of the show, Air Editor Tim Martin speaks with Defence Insight air analyst Ilker Aktasoglu to discuss the ongoing impact of COVID on aircraft procurement programmes.

Newsround [01:30]

Land Reporter Flavia Camargos Pereira looks into the annual EDA Innovation Conference that took place in Brussels on 7 December, and describes how European countries are looking at non-traditional partners for R&D.

Elsewhere, Air Editor Tim Martin looks over a new report from SIPRI on global arms sales, which shows how US manufacturers continue to dominate while Chinese competitors focus on specialist markets.

Tim also discusses some significant Middle Eastern developments with the mega-order last week from the UAE for Rafale. Where does this leave the potential F-35 deal?

And staying in the Middle East, our Senior Naval Reporter Harry Lye casts an eye over a significant week for naval programmes in the region, after Naval Group launched the first Gowind corvette for the UAE Navy and Navantia launched Saudi Arabia's final Avante 2200 corvette.

Interview – COVID and military aircraft procurement [29:05]

Tim Martin talks with Defence Insight air analyst Ilker Aktasoglu to discuss the challenges that COVID-19 still pose to aircraft procurement programmes.

This episode was produced by Ben Vogel with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest.