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The Weekly Defence Podcast

Pacific Future Forum news, Airbus updates and Estonia exclusive


In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, we look at the main news from the Pacific Future Forum in Portsmouth and dive into export news for the Airbus A400M. We also discuss Estonian procurement priorities, and talk to BAE Systems about its recent contract under the Future Maritime Support Programme.

Newsround - [00:48]

The Shephard news team takes a look at recent developments across the air, land, and sea domains.

In focus

Sea – [1:35]

Senior Naval Reporter Harry Lye reports on the Pacific Future Forum, which took place last week in Portsmouth.

As part of its 'Global Britain in a competitive age' mantra, the RN has deployed two OPVs to the Far East to strengthen relationships with allies in the region.

The deployment of two Batch 2 River-class OPVs follows the maiden deployment of Carrier Strike Group 21. How will the presence of the OPVs strengthen relationships between the UK and Indo-Pacific countries? Will the two OPVs eventually return to the UK?

Air – [7:18]

Air Editor Tim Martin reports on his attendance at the Airbus media day held on 25 October in Spain. During the event, the company outlined export prospects for its A400M transport aircraft and it also disclosed information on a deal with Kazakhstan.

Elsewhere, Airbus addressed some issues related to their involvement in the Franco-German Maritime Airborne Weapons System programme. Airbus expects to see new studies to be conducted on that front.

Land – [16:35]

Senior Land Reporter Flavia Camargos Pereira delivers an exclusive from Estonia following the release of it FY2022 defence budget. Which platforms is the country looking to procure? Which tenders will be launched at the end of 2021?

Interview – BAE Systems [26:49]

Harry Lye is on the line with Dean Kimber, Head of Asset Management at BAE Systems, to discuss a new UK MoD contract award for the company to support HMNB Portsmouth.

In a JV with KBR, BAE will provide hard facilities management for assets at the base.


Industry Voice – Raytheon Missiles and Defence [35:45]

Creative Director Tony Skinner grabs a chat with Tom Laliberty, Vice President of Land Warfare & Air Defence at Raytheon Missiles and Defence, to discuss the company's recent work in the C-UAS systems arena.

Noemi Distefano produced this episode with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest.