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The Weekly Defence Podcast

Persistent UK procurement problems and US view of Chinese posture


In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast the team looks at the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee report and discusses the Pentagon’s 2021 China Military Power study.


The Shephard News team discussed the top stories across the land, air, sea and military training domains.

Land [1:40]

The Czech Republic is facing renewed challenges in its plan to acquire 210 IFVs, after the MoD recently concluded that none of the contenders has met its requirements so far.

Training [08:13]

The UK Military Flying System (UKMFTS) training programme is moving forward with a contract for Inzpire to deliver the GECO Mission Planning and Debrief system.

And Elbit UK continues to grow it defence programme portfolio backed by a new award. Under the Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation (Deployable) ICAVS(D) programme, the firm will be delivering capabilities that will replace the older Unit-Based Virtual Traininer (UBVT).

Air [11:57]

Canada is on the hunt for an all-new fleet of MALE UAVs under the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) programme. Team Artemis and Team SkyGuardian respectively are competing for a contract award expected by 2024.

Sea [15:16]

The UK has begun concept work for the replacement of its Type 45 destroyers. The future Type 83 will see its concept phase beginning in earl 2022 with the assessment phase to follow in due course.

Public Accounts Committee Report [17:22]

The latest UK House of Commons Public Accounts Committee report highlighted continued failures by the UK MoD to deliver major equipment capabilities. The report says the MoD system is ‘broken’ and is ‘wasting taxpayers’ money’.

The team engages in a roundtable discussion, highlighting the major programmes that were criticised in the report, the causes that led to these programmes suffering delays or cancellations and more.

Deep Dive – News from the Asia Pacific [ 32:09]

News Editor Ben Vogel and Asia-Pacific Editor Gordon Arthur catch up on all the news from the Pacific with a focus on the recently issued Pentagon report on Chinese military power.

How fast is China growing? What is the US perspective on the Chinese military arsenal? How are China’s neighbours reacting?

They also discuss new naval developments in South Korea, as the ROKN undergoes modernisation and local industry receives a close-in weapon systems contract.

This episode was produced by Noemi Distefano with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest