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25. running a business while doing your masters, tuning out negative self talk, and just going for it ft. @briannehelfrich


This week, Trin had the pleasure of chatting with Brianne Helfrich. Brianne is the founder of the streetwear brand, Helfrich Collective. She is also the host of the podcast show, Welcome to the Collective. Brianne is proof that you can do anything and everything you set your mind to! Which is one of the reasons Trin was excited to have her on this episode. In this episode, Brianne shares it all on how she juggles her busy schedule, how to start your own business, organization tips, studying tips, and a lot more!

Find Brianne:

@briannehelfrich, @helfrichcollective

Find Trin:

@trinitytondeleir, @thewellnesscafepod, @trinitytondeleir (TikTok)

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