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by Carly Rose
The White Witch Podcast

Racheal the Hedge Witch


Hi Witches

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On todays episode we are talking with one of my besties Rachael, a wonderful Hedge Witch who is a trained shamanic practitioner - a wonderful soul who I believe lives half in the mundane world half in the spirit world! She gives great insight into journeying, soul loss, soul theft, and her own practice.

You can find Racheal on Instagram - @hedgewitchrachael

I adore her and I think you will too! Honoured she came onto the show.

You can find me at https://www.instagram.com/thewhitewitchcompany/



My book The White Witch's Book of Healing - Weaving Magickal Rituals throughout your craft for Sacred Healing and Reclamation of the Wild Witch Within is set to be released October 2021.

Lots of witchy love

Carly Rose xxx

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Episode 7

Season 2

by Carly Rose