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by Carly Rose
The White Witch Podcast

The Selkie and the Witch


Hey Witches

I did a thing - so expect more additional episodes of the podcast in addition to our normal episodes. This will be more in line with The White Witch Workshops we had last Samhain. So a focus on witchy folklore, meditations, spells, rituals and additional different content that doesn't quite make it onto the normal show as it doesn't fit the traditional format we have. Also, I just love creating content so here we are lol!

Today's episode is all about the lore of the selkie and also the story of the Selkie Hags Pelt - written by Danielle Dulsky

I want to say a huge thank you to Shannon Pearl for her hauntingly beautiful rendition of Jolly Sailor Bold on this episode - Shannon appears on the Music Witch episode of the podcast and you can find her work here -




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Thank you for all your support you wonderful witches - lots of witchy love

Carly xxx

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Episode 9

Season 2

by Carly Rose