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The #WHODIS? Podcast

Finding Your Passion & Seizing the Yay with Sarah Davidson (Holloway) | @spoonful_of_sarah | Episode 15


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Today on the podcast we have the lovely Sarah Davidson, also known as @spoonful_of_sarah on socials. Sarah is an entrepreneur who left the corporate world to follow her dreams, stepping away from being a lawyer to starting a business, living her best life AND even partying with the Hemsworth’s.

She is the founder of Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylk Bar, as well as being an author and podcaster. We're sure you'll love this podcast where Sarah tells us a little more about how to find your passion and start Seizing the Yay.

Hosted by Tropeaka's co-founder Caleb Marshall and the friendly-face behind Tropeaka's Social Media, Brooke Irving, this episode is packed full of helpful advice, wisdom & a lot of laughs!


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