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The #WHODIS? Podcast

Karina Irby | Owner Moana Bikini | 1.1m IG Followers | We Talk Self-Love, Authenticity & Body Confidence! @karinairby


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Today we're talking to Australian beauty Karina Irby! She's an Instagram Queen with 1.1 million followers who embrace her journey of self-love, authenticity, confidence and just down right good vibes! She’s the founder of Moana Bikini which is famous for its diverse models and body positivity. Karina never fails to inspire and uplift others with her boss babe attitude. She truly does it all!

In this episode we talk about Karina's highs (and challenges) while building her global bikini brand, as well as what it's like having such a huge following, how to handle the trolls, and what inspires her to be the happy, full-of-life woman that she is!

Hosted by Tropeaka's co-founder Caleb Marshall and the friendly-face behind Tropeaka's Social Media, Megon Nazer, this episode is packed full of positive inspiration and fun!


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