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The #WHODIS? Podcast

Tanya Poppett | Certified PT, Instagram Fitness Influencer & Blogger! @tanyapoppett


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Today we're in sunny Wollongong, an hour out of Sydney talking to the lovely Tanya Poppett! Boasting an Instagram audience of over 385,000 followers and a successful fitness and wellness app called Train With Tanya, she has achieved a level of success online that very few in the fitness industry have been able to reach!

In this episode we talk about what makes Tanya tick; the things that matter most to her in terms of health, fitness and nutrition as well as all about the very exciting news of being a first-time mum to her beautiful 13-month-old son Laurie!

Hosted by Tropeaka's co-founder Caleb Marshall and the friendly-face behind Tropeaka's Social Media, Megon Nazer, this episode is packed full of positive inspiration and fun!


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