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by Travis L. Scott
The Winding Road

Episode 30: Storytelling, Copywriting, and Job Descriptions


In this episode, I interview Katrina Kibben, a professional copywriter with a passion for creating job descriptions that don't suck.

She's the CEO and Founder of Three Ears Media in Longmont, CO and we had a great conversation about why most job descriptions you see suck and how (actually why) they should be better.

We talked about copywriting and storytelling - two of the most important skills you can have as a marketer - shared some of our favorite books on the topic.

Katrina also did a 100-year study of job descriptions, comparing some of the first descriptions from the 1920s to now. The results may shock you.

We also talk about why a college degree shouldn't be a job requirement and riff on education.

You'll want to stick around until the end to find out the unbelievably crazy thing that happened to me the night before I took the GMAT exam.

Oh, and Three Ears Media is hiring.


Episode 30

by Travis L. Scott