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by Lynette Arkadie & Kirileigh Lynch
The Woo Woo 'Verse

Anger Issues


Ok so we have issues, and things are pushing our buttons, grinding our gears and our chakras all a little up tight.

… but apparently it's not just us, the whole western world is getting angrier.

Join Kiki and Lynette as they play a game of "Anger Bingo" to help deconstruct the range of energies in the anger spectrum and as they go down a sometimes humorous look at how we got here.

Follow along as they debrief on the current state of affairs and work through some of the personal and collective anger issues that seem to be dominating our airwaves. But before you get all hot under the collar- they'll also discuss how we could contribute to the cooling of the flames.

Is anger ever justifiable?

Can anger be positive?

Even if you don’t have an anger issue, this is still a great episode on determining how to handle your overall emotions and feelings in a manner that is helpful to you and other people.

A massive thunderstorm happened at the time of recording and then again in the edit - and then even as this episode was going live … we’re beginning to think there is some deep cleansing required people.

OK no more waffle - let's just get to it.

Press play..... before you lose it.


Episode 30

Season 2

by Lynette Arkadie & Kirileigh Lynch