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by Lynette Arkadie & Kirileigh Lynch
The Woo Woo 'Verse

Manifestation Manifesto


Manifestation is certainly a buzz word in Self Help & Wellness circles.

In fact, some of the most powerful selling around 'getting what we want", happens at the start, middle and end of a year'.

Are you over it?
Does it make you want to run for the hills or tune out?

Apparently, "Manifestation Fatigue" is a new thing.
Perhaps explaining why your vision board from last year has lost its lustre and not sure what to think or trust anymore?

Have you questioned how you could have followed the manifestation steps and ended up with something you thought you wanted, only for it to all fall short of what you had hoped?

Or are you wondering if your manifestation delivery is stuck in the universal postal system behind a million other special requests?

Join Lynette and Kiki as they open the discussion and their #gratitude journals 🙄and ask, should manifestation come with a warning label?

Have we failed to read the fine print?

Is there a little more to 'The Secret' then we have been lead to believe and could it be wrapped up in a whole lot of white privilege?

And they float the concept that manifesting (wait for it......) is actually part of our naturally maturing spiritual development rather than the place we begin.

Ok, we heard you roaring.
You asked, - and here it is!

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Episode 36

Season 2

by Lynette Arkadie & Kirileigh Lynch