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by Lynette Arkadie & Kirileigh Lynch
The Woo Woo 'Verse

Soul Contracts


Have you ever just wanted to buy a cabin in the woods if for no other reason than to be able to hear the sound of your own heart beating & be with your own thoughts?

Do you find relationships complicated?

Are you wishing there was a downloadable handbook guide about soul-connection?

Have you wondered if there is a spiritual purpose to relationships or if we're just randomly bumping into each other hoping for the best?

Join Kiki and Lynette as they steer through the bumpy subconscious heart chakra terrain taking you through the relationship twilight zone and they answer some big questions about love, relationships, separation and soul contracts.

How do you know when you've met a twin flame and what do you do when your soulmate chooses not to fulfil a contract & instead buys a toaster, a puppy and moves in with someone else?

And what about friendships. Are they soul contracts too?

It's complicated but does it have to be?

It's not a complete map of the abyss, but it's a start.

Join us for another conversation through the Woo Woo 'Verse.

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Episode 35

Season 2

by Lynette Arkadie & Kirileigh Lynch