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by Lynette Arkadie & Kirileigh Lynch
The Woo Woo 'Verse

True Alignment


Denying the truth won’t change the facts, actually, hold on, is the truth subjective or objective?

Do you feel lost at sea in regards to your own truth? What about your personal relationship with the truth?

What about collective truth? Are we on the right track or widely off course?

Who even gets to set that compass point?

If the truth the light that will guide us home and back into soul alignment? (Hold on!, what is alignment again?)
Why does it all seem so foggy and untenable right now?

It does feel that the concept of ‘truth' has never been more multifaceted.

Do we have any modern truth bearers left? It’s complicated.

And there seems to be something inexplicably compelling about the nature of conspiracy theories right now …
These theories are everywhere in 2020 - from Q-Anon, microchipping, 5G poisoning to the phantom murder hornets (remember that plot twist!),

....and recent studies show more than 50% of Americans believe in at least one.

What's' that about?

Join Kiki and Lynette as they draw on the wisdom of scholars, philosophers and theologians to discuss the big topics around spiritual alignment and truth, both individual and collective.

In this episode they chat about:
How to define truth, the energetic impacts of mass confusion, whether or not it’s even possible to give definitive definition of truth, how ’the truth’ has become so de-harmonising, oh, and also the possibility of the government has been covering up evidence of alien landings all along.

As Chelsea Manning once said 'I prefer a painful truth over any blissful fantasy’

This episode has. it. all.

So, if you’re ready to question life as we know it then come with us as we go down the rabbit hole and (hopefully!) come out the other side a little clearer, and little more aligned in the middle.

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Episode 28

Season 2

by Lynette Arkadie & Kirileigh Lynch