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The Worst Girl Gang Ever

S4, E25 - Season Finale with Bex and Laura

Well that's a wrap guys. Season 4 - we can't quite believe it. It's coming up for 2 years since we first set up TWGGE and we could never EVER have imagined that it would have taken off and reached so many people.

It's so bittersweet because although we are managing to reach and support and hold the hands (virtually) of so many, of course it would amazing if there wasn't need for this kind of thing at all. Having said that, miscarriage and baby loss are not going anywhere BUT this once silenced community now have a voice and the taboo topic is being ripped open to allow people, WARRIORS, the space and platform to grieve and share.

In this episode we both talk a bit about what has been going on in our lives over the last few months and there is A LOT to share.

*no baby/pregnancy triggers


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Find out more about THE PATHWAY TO RECOVERY which is designed to support, nurture and empower you following the loss of a baby as well as the TRYING TO CONCEIVE AFTER LOSS COURSE to support you through the pressures of TTC after loss. Both courses are self paced and run over 6 weeks with free access for up to 5 months. The next TTC course starts on 3rd July. Email us to register your interest. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

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It's time to break the silence and open up the dialogue around the topics of miscarriage and pregnancy loss. No more shame, no more taboo, lets ditch it for our children; the ones that will come, the ones that are and the ones that never came to be.

The Worst Girl Gang Ever


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